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After owning and operating Hickory Creek Farms with her husband for over 20 years, Ruth Zimmerman has published a children’s book!  Even though Rigby is a fictional character, the book is based upon true events that take place at Hickory Creek Farms every Fall.           

Little Rigby, a miniature pumpkin, experiences the heartbreak of not being chosen by the visitors to the pumpkin farm.  However, he not only learns the value of waiting, but also witnesses the rewards of his patience in making a difference in the life of someone who really needs him. Help encourage the children in your life to look for ways to make a difference!

We can all make a difference!

Learn valuable lessons with Rigby on the Pumpkin Farm!

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Life is full of adventures!  Join Solomon the turtle as he is unexpectedly picked up and whisked away on an adventure for the day.  “Turtles Day Out” is a story designed to teach the importance of flexibility and friendship.  What can you learn by seeing the world through the eyes of a young boy and a turtle?

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